CMA H&I (Hospitals & Institutions)

CMAinLA H&I (Hospitals & Institutions) takes meetings with Speaker Panels to hospitals, institutions, recovery centers, treatment facilities and jails. We take meetings to addicts who are unable to get out to a meeting on their own. When you volunteer to speak on an H&I panel, you are participating in your recovery, practicing the twelfth step of CMA, by taking the message of CMA to the addict who still suffers.

CMA member financial contributions to CMAinLA H&I

CONTRIBUTE HERE… if you are making a contribution as an individual or as a group or meeting. If appropriate, be sure to identify your meeting or group in the “group or meeting” field, when making a contribution to H&I.

The H&I Announcement for Los Angeles District CMA meetings

H&I Panel Speaker Orientation

CMA H&I Advisory Meetings

Come join our monthly H&I Advisory Meeting at 11:30am on the 2nd Saturday of each month.   LA District Events

Be involved in local CMA H&I Panels or Service

If you are a H&I Panel Leader or H&I Speaker, you are invited to sign up for the H&I Panels.

CMA H&I Panel Speakers.
In order to speak on a CMA H&I panel one must have a least six months of sobriety. To all speakers: When sharing we need to be careful in describing drug effects as some may be triggered and desire of use may be heightened. Please remember the recovery of others and avoid glorifying drugs and/or drug driven sex. To add yourself to the prospective list of panel speakers use the form below.

    Prospective Panel Speakers.
    Please give the following information so that the H&I folks can contact you.

    CMA H&I Panel Leaders.
    To become a H&I Panel Leader one must have at least one year of continued sobriety, must have attended a CMA H&I orientation, and must have spoken six (6) times at a CMA H&I meeting. For further H&I Panel Leader information contact the H&I Chair using the form below.

      Contact our H&I Chairperson