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The CMAinLA Meeting Directory

The Los Angeles District of CMA now displays 73 meetings for the current week day, all types, all locations and sorted by time. “In-Person” is BACK.

Is your meetings information correct on the CMA World Website? Are you registered as the contact person for your meeting?

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Meeting Secretaries should check “the type of meeting” and “accessibility” settings. Meetings, please let the meeting’s attendees know where you are and if there are changes and/or updates.

All updates on our LA District website and CMA world should be made HERE.

Local CMA Events

Include Street Trouping and Meeting Crashers plus more. CLICK HERE for a list of all upcoming events.

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The Los Angeles CMA Helpline

The CMA helpline is seeking volunteers to be of service by answering calls, responding to text messages. If you would like more information or to volunteer to serve on the committee, please contact Russell.