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"The Fellowship of Crystal Meth Anonymous works a Twelve Step program of recovery. We have not felt the need to elaborate in great detail a specific CMA approach to the Twelve Steps: too many other excellent outlines already exist for following these spiritual principles. But our experience has shown that without the Steps we could not stay sober."

During the Covid-19 Pandemic...
Updated July 13, 2020

It appears that many meetings
may be dark over the next few weeks.
They may not all be listed as dark on this website.
Please be mindful of our fellows during this period of time.

CMA Statement on COVID-19

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Through this new portal, we have access to our members’ written stories of recovery.  You can also listen to speakers from meetings and perhaps identify with our experiences.

CMA H&I (Hospitals & Institutions)
CMA H&I takes meetings with Speaker Panels to hospitals, institutions, recovery centers, treatment facilities and jails.  All H&I Panels are dark during the "Stay At Home" order.  Get H&I INFO HERE

September 19th 2020

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